Blue Ink Closing and Title, LLC uses Qualia, an all-in-one closing platform that allows our office to seamlessly communicate with our clients through a secured portal. Qualia uses the latest advancements in real estate technology so that our clients are able to easily and efficiently share information with our office and keep track of their closing throughout the entire transaction.

Contact us to learn more about our closing platform, Qualia.

Remote Closing

Blue Ink Closing and Title, LLC offers contact-free digital closings through video conferencing with one of our attorneys. This provides our clients with a safe alternative to closing with us in-person. We also offer notary closings for our clients that are not in the Huntsville metro area.

Please contact us to learn more about this option, and please note that we will need to know this information in advance of your closing date so that we can make proper arrangements and discuss any additional fees that might be incurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is title insurance?

Title insurance protects property buyers and mortgage lenders against defects or problems with a title when there is a transfer of property ownership. In the event there is a claim against your rights of ownership in the property, your title insurance company will cover the cost and fees associated with defending against the title claim. The policy will also cover up to the face amount of any loss of title or the cost of perfecting the title.

There are two types of title insurance: Owner Policy and Loan Policy. As a buyer of real estate property, it is important to protect your investment and the ownership rights that come with it. The Loan Policy insures the lender against covered title defects up to the amount of the insurance, while an Owner Policy protects your interest in the property. Because these policies cover different interests, it is a good idea to purchase the Owner Policy in conjunction with the Loan Policy which your mortgage lender will require you to purchase.

What do I bring to closing?

When you close at our office, you need to be prepared to sign paperwork. Don’t worry, Blue Ink Closing and Title, LLC will have a blue ink pen waiting for you. We will need you to bring a form of ID, usually a Driver License. Some lenders require two forms of ID, so it is a good idea to ask your lender before closing if you need two. Wear something you feel comfortable in – no need to get dressed up for closing. But be aware that we might want to take a photo of you to commemorate the happy occasion.

Who should attend closing?

Generally, the parties that attend a closing include: the Closing Attorney or Settlement Agent, the Buyers, the Sellers, the Realtors for the Buyers and Sellers, and sometimes the Mortgage Loan Officer. If there is anyone else involved in the transaction that needs to sign any of the documents, then they will need to attend closing along with the other parties.

Do I need to bring money to closing?

Whether or not you need to bring money to closing depends and can vary from transaction to transaction. As a buyer, your lender should provide you the amount to bring, if any, to closing. The closing attorney or title company will also have that information prior to closing but the final amount is subject to change at closing so it is a good idea to bring a check book with you to closing.

What types of funds are accepted for closing?

Any party required to bring funds to closing for an amount under $500.00 may bring a personal check or money order. Any funds over $500.00 must be certified funds in the form of a wire transfer or certified check. Any funds over $5000.00 must be sent to us by wire transfer.

Can someone sign for me under a Power of Attorney if I can not attend closing?

Yes, if you are unable to attend closing, you can elect to name someone as your “attorney in fact” to sign on your behalf. If you already have a general Power of Attorney in place, then one of our attorneys will need to review before closing to verify that the document authorizes the attorney in fact to sign documents related to the purchase or sale of the property. If you do not already have a Power of Attorney, then our office can draft a specific Limited Power of Attorney for you for an additional fee. Any Power of Attorney being used, whether general or specific, must be recorded in the probate records of the property county. Recording fees will be assessed by the Probate Judge. Please note that if you choose to use this option, then our office and your lender must be told prior to closing to give us enough time to adjust the closing documents.